We buy your storage from Google. That’s why you don’t have to worry about anyone hacking your content. Everything is encrypted.


Working with large format files can take up a lot of space on your devices. That’s no longer a concern of yours – because you work in the cloud.


With your annotation tools, you can comment and draw on your images/files. This feature makes it easy to edit in collaboration with others.


rainforest365 is an online platform. This means that you can access your account anywhere from any device, as long as you are able to use a browser.


If you want to share images and files you simply press ‘Share’ and type in the email for whom you want to invite. Then we’ll reach out to them.

There’s an app too

Click below to go to App Store or Google Play and download the latest version of the rainforest365 app. It has never been easier to work with large format files on-the-go.

Psst… check out the video and see how it works.

Download rainforest365 in app store
Download rainforest365 on google play
An icon with a hand and a cloud symbolizing sharing

Sharing platform

Your images, drawings and documents are intelligently organized in the rainforest365 cloud solution. And it’s available online from all your smart devices. Making it super easy to work together on different projects.

Icon that shows a smartphone and connection lines

On-the-go availability

Use the rainforest365 app for taking pictures of stuff you want to work on and store it in your rainforest365 library. You can scan large format documents on-the-go too. Just use the MiM feature in the app.

Unlimited file size icon

All the space you need

We doubt you will run into “file too large” problems with rainforest365. You can upload up to 2 GB per file. Which is more than enough for most large format files.

Computer tablet and smartphone

Access from all your devices

Integrating the use of smart devices makes it easy to access your rainforest365 library. So whenever you need to look, work or share those large format images/files you just pick up whatever you have at hand and get started.

About us

Years ago we had an idea. The idea was based on a wish to make work life easier for those, who are working with large format files. And to save the planet, of course. In all seriousness, we do care about the planet. With rainforest365 we can do both.

Whether you want to share, work on or just store your large format files – rainforest365 can help you. Nobody wants to be tied to their desk, so we developed an app, which can give you access to rainforest365 on-the-go. Actually that’s not all. Having a scanner is a privilege not everyone enjoys, but now you can scan with the use of only your phone. We love smartphones.

But how does this save the planet? Well, apart from improving your workflow, digitizing and working with large format files online without ever having to print a single file kind of saves the rainforest. When we let go of paper and start to drag and drop files in the cloud instead we work in a smarter and more environmentally friendly manner.

How to rainforest365

7 simple steps

1. Download the rainforest365 app

2. Click on any of the SUBSCRIBE NOW buttons and make an account by registering with only your email address. Don’t forget to put in your voucher code if you’ve got one

3.  Turn on your new rainforest365 compatible scanner and connect it with your phone. Proceed to step 5 if you don’t have a scanner yet

4.  Scan a and create a large format file with the new scanner that is now connected to your rainforest365 account

5.  If you don’t have a scanner you can use your phone for scanning with the MiM-feature

6.  When your document is digitized you can move it to a folder, share it with your co-workers and store it online. It’s all in the cloud accessible to anyone who accepts your invitation

7.  If you need more space you can just go get some more. Just look at your profile in the top right-hand corner next to the green ‘upload’-button and choose ‘My plan’ in the left sidebar

for your computer

How it looks when you look at rainforest365 from your computer
  • Works for all computers (though the RF4PC PC client only works for Windows systems
  • Everything is in the cloud so you don’t need to download a single thing
  • You can download the rainforest365 folder to your computer’s desktop so that you can always access, move and upload images/files on your computer
  • Let’s you organize all your images/files easily
  • You can do annotation, like comments, on the images/files and share them with your colleagues before your next big meeting

for your phone

How it looks when you look at rainforest365 on your phone
  • Works for Android and iOS
  • Let’s you scan without a scanner (MiM)
  • Easy on-the-go access to all your images/files
  • Share your uploaded documents or take a look at what your colleagues did
  • No need to download it’s all in the cloud on the phone too
  • Have you ever had a whiteboard-section in your folders? Well, now you do. This app really helps you organize
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